A Beguiling Little Medieval Occult Decor Print Shop

Tonight I had to pause in my web wanderings and gape in amazement at the beautiful prints offered here in the Medieval Occult Craft store on Etsy. So gorgeous! The shop is based in Russia.

Santa Muerte Red Roses Print

The images are printed on linen canvas or handmade paper, with giclee ink (You choose according to your preference). The prints do not come framed. (Well, that's fair, it's much harder to ship a print in a heavy frame!)

Werewolf Shape Shifter Print

Browse their intriguing categories - Devils Demons and Hell; Alchemy Kabbalah Hereticism; Medicine Anatomy; Memento Mori & Death Art; Bestiary Monsters Beasts; Witches Witchcraft; and Ancient Mysticism. (I am afraid I don't have the stomach to peruse the Torture section!)

I'm not sure I'd be comfortable displaying this "Hanging Witches" print on my wall - too many children visit my house.

Then again, I'm rather tempted to hang this "Medea Sorceress" print either above my bar or in my kitchen!

Anyone else find it quite interesting that the Devil Demons Hell category is the largest one in the shop, by far?

Which medieval image here is your favorite? Let me know in the comments area below.