Beautifully Dark Matches for Lighting Cozy Fires on Chilly Autumn Evenings

A chill in the air is beginning to signal the arrival of autumn, at least here in my home in the suburbs near Seattle. I'm excited to show you this shop full of decorative (and useful!) literary matchboxes. I'll keep several of these on my mantel, in my purse, and on my bathroom counter. I'm sure I'll smile every time I reach for one to light a candle.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Matches

Creatures of the Night Matchbox

Frankenstein Matches

Jane Eyre Matches

Wuthering Heights Matches

Bram Stoker's Dracula Matches

Shop for these and other literary matchboxes at the Studio Portmanteau shop on Etsy!

Enjoy lighting cozy fires and fragranced candles in your homes this autumn!