New Halloween-Themed Dresses from Sourpuss as We Make Our Way Into the Gloomy Season

We wanted to show you these delightful and quirky Halloween-themed dresses from Sourpuss!

Dancing Skeletons

Dancing Skeletons Gauzy Dress

Dancing Skeletons Skirt

Dancing Skeletons Scoop Dress

Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies Lizzie Dress

Creepy Crawlies Skirt

Lucy Fur

Lucy Fur Floozy Dress

Lucy Fur Rosie Dress

Lucy Fur Bombshell Dress

Sourpuss Lucy Fur Sweater

Lucy Fur Draped Cardigan

Batty Peepers

Batty Peepers Peggy Dress

Black Cats

Black Cats Gauzy Dress

Black Cats Skater Dress

--Happy Halloween clothes shopping!