Nightmare Before Christmas Pet Supplies

How cool is this Jack Skellington plush dog bed? Too bad my 70 pound retrievers wouldn't likely fit well on it! I find it hilarious that Jack's bow tie doubles as a squeaker toy!

Your dog can have their very own "Zero" doghouse. It's totally ok if your dog's name isn't Zero, too!

Your dog can eat and drink out of a Jack Skellington dog bowl.

I prefer the look of this Jack pet throw. It can also be used as a cat mat.

For cats or small dogs, here's a Jack Skellington Cuddle Cup pet bed.

Or is Sally your favorite? Here's a Sally pet bolster bed.

Older dogs might benefit more from a Sally-themed orthopedic pet bed.

Here's a pet throw blanket featuring Sally's beautiful face. It can also be used as a cat mat.

All of these cute things are making me want to get a cat!

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