Monday, December 10, 2018

Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Potion Fragrance Set

This might be what every goth girl (or eldergoth girl!) wants under her Nightmare Before Christmas tree this year: Sally's Potion set, a set of three fragrances in cute little potion-shaped jars.

The potion bottles are labeled Deadly Night Shade, Worm's Wort, and Frog's Breath. No idea how they actually smell - hopefully something nicer than actual frog's breath!

Shop for Sally's potions on Amazon and on eBay.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hallmark's 25th Anniversary Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

These Jack and Sally Hallmark ornaments for 2018 commemorate the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack wears his "Santa Jack" hat, and Sally is as sweet as ever.

You can also find them on eBay.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dark Tea for Gray Days

I'm stocking up for the rainy, cold autumn days ahead - laying in a large supply of Victorian London Fog tea from Harney & Sons. The beverage called London Fog originated in England's Victorian era. It's traditionally an Earl Grey tea served with steamed milk.

This blend was the winning blend in Harney & Sons' customer blend creation contest. This caffeinated blend evokes the aroma of a London fog, with hints of lavender and vanilla.

This four ounce tin of loose tea brews around thirty to forty cups of tea, depending on how strong you like your tea.

If you prefer, you can purchase it in a bag of fifty Victorian London Fog sachets.

Happy gloomy autumn!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Darling Plush Vampire for Babies or Goths Who Refuse to Stop Playing With Toys

This plush vampire on Amazon is so cute, I might need to get him for myself to cuddle while reading vampiric and gothic books by the fireplace this autumn. He's by Kelly Toy and stands 10 inches tall. I don't think I own any plush vampire toys yet - it's about time I remedy that!

How cool is it that his vest has a spiderweb pattern on it?

You can also pick up this baby-faced plush vampire on eBay.

Happy Halloween!

Gothic and Spooky Pop Culture Art Prints by Ginnakae

I just discovered this awesome Etsy shop and wanted to immediately share it with you!

Ginnakae sells her cute and spooky ink and watercolor designs from her home in Los Angeles. Besides her prints, she offers some pop sockets, tote bags, pins and buttons, and stickers adorned with her wonderful artwork.

Her prints feature "Edie Scissorhands," Tim Burton female characters including Sally and Lydia Deetz, The Bride of Frankenstein, Wednesday Addams, and female versions of horror villains including Freddie Krueger, Chucky, Pennywise and Pinhead.


Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Bedding and Linens from Roostery

I'm so tempted to deck out my house with Roostery's Sally Rag Doll linens and textiles (via Amazon and eBay).

The product line includes a fleece blanket, lumbar pillow, knife edge pillow, duvet cover, matching Sally Rag Doll sheets, tablecloths, napkins, placemats and tea towels, all featuring Sally's Rag Doll patchwork dress pattern. The pattern includes stitches, Burtonesque spirals and swirls, fishnets, plaid and polkadots - just like Sally's dress!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Old Soul Artisan's Dark Literature Inspired Candles

This New Jersey-based Etsy shop sells candles inspired by literature and folklore. You can tell they've definitely read lots of dark books, and I like the fragrance combinations they've assigned to each themed candle. And how awesome is it that their candles are all made from soy? The candles are vegan, and use cotton wicks.

Their "Book of Spells" candle is scented with "ancient books and secret rituals."

The "Annabel Lee" candle is fragranced with magnolia, sea mist, and ocean botanicals.

The "Kraken" candle is meant to evoke leather, driftwood, and tobacco.

For the "Immortal" candle, they've included the scents of blood oranges and vetiver.

There are candles devoted to Krampus, Kali, Game of Thrones' "Mother of Dragons," and Halloween. Visit the link below to browse all the offerings.

Adorably Spooky Gourmet Sweets for Halloween from Sugarfina

I wanted to show you these cute and delicious Halloween-themed sugar candies from gourmet retailer Sugarfina! They're expensive, but packaged so beautifully, they make great gifts.

"Mr. Bare Bones" Skeleton Sugar Skulls

The Pun-King Pumpkin Gummies

"Wrap-Star" Mummy Sparkle Pops

"Braniac Maniac" Zombie Brains

Sugarfina Coffin Candy Bento Box

I'll bring this coffin candy bento box as a hostess gift to the grownup Halloween party I'm attending this year.

According to Sugarfina,

This limited-edition Candy Bento Box® is filled with ghoulish gummies that are so good, it's scary. Dare to open the lid of our Spooky Sweets 3pc Coffin Box and find Zombie Brains, Sugar Skulls, and Pumpkin Patch gummies hiding inside. Decorated with gold foil spiderwebs, this creepy-chic box is the ultimate gourmet Halloween gift.

Shop for spooky candies at

Have a delicious Halloween!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Autumn Non-Fiction Reads for Goths: Sneak Preview

The Frighteners: A Journey Through our Cultural Fascination with the Macabre

The Frighteners, by Peter Laws. This book explores Christian "haunted houses," ghost hunting, a vampire party, and the intersection between technology and the supernatural. The author is a Baptist minister. The book is due September 4.

Reviews: Book Deviant, Civilian Reader, Goodreads, Starburst Magazine.

Death Across Oceans: Archaeology of Coffins and Vaults in Britain, America, and Australia

Death Across Oceans, by Harold Mytum. Already available (published August 7).

This won't exactly be a page turner - the book "brings together the leading researchers in historic mortuary practice from Britain, North America, and Australia. It is the first book dedicated to the material culture associated with burial in the historic, English-speaking world." Probably only of interest to my readers who are mortuary students or professionals (there are quite a few, come to find out!)

Vault of Frankenstein: 200 Years of the World's Most Famous Monster

Vault of Frankenstein, by Paul Ruditis, arriving September 25.

This book explores Frankenstein in popular culture, including his appearance on cereal boxes and other merchandise, in comic books, television and films.

Mary Shelley: The Strange True Tale of Frankenstein's Creator

Mary Shelley, by Catherine Reef. A biography of the "forgotten feminist." The book arrives on shelves September 18.

Reviews: Goodreads, Kirkus Review, Teenreads.

The Vampire: A New History

The Vampire: A New History, by Nick Groom.

"Published to mark the bicentenary of John Polidori’s publication of The Vampyre, Nick Groom’s detailed new account illuminates the complex history of the iconic creature." This book hits store shelves on October 30, just in time for Halloween. The author is a professor of English literature at the University of Exeter. The publisher is Yale University Press.

Reviews: None yet.

The Penguin Book of Hell

The Penguin Book of Hell, by Scott G. Bruce. Arriving September 4, this book takes us through three thousand years of eternal damnation, beginning with the Hebrew shadowy realm Sheol and continuing through the 21st century. Perhaps not a page turner, but a nice reference volume.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bauhaus Undead: Gorgeous Gothic Coffee Table Book

Back in March, this gorgeous coffee table book chronicling legendary goth band Bauhaus came out. The author is Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins.

The publisher writes,

A gorgeous visual journey through the career of gothic rock icons Bauhaus carefully curated from a largely unseen collection of memorabilia combined with personal recollections by original member and author Kevin Haskins! A 315-page magnum opus filled with handmade flyers, backstage passes, show posters, candid photographs, artwork, set lists, lyrics, contracts and more! Bound in a sumptuous linen hardcover with debossed cover art and lettering!

This is a must-have for obsessed Bauhaus fans. You can add it to your home library via Amazon, by way of the official book website, and via eBay.

You can watch author Kevin Haskins reading a short excerpt from the book here:


Bauhaus Undead at Goodreads

Bauhaus Undead Review at Pitchfork

Bauhaus Undead Review at Soundblab

Alchemy's After Death Clothes for the Transition from Summer to Fall

I'm tempted to pick up Alchemy's After Death clothing as I put away my lightweight summer clothing and pull out darker things for fall.

Alchemy is a line by Spin Doctor, and this is their "After Death" pattern.

I don't have any black-and-blue clothes, and suspect these might look nice with my blue eyes. I probably will skip the leggings and just wear black leggings under the minidress. (I'm tall and mini dresses are way too.. mini.. for an eldergoth like me!)

I wonder if any corpgoth types would find this nice for office wear this autumn.

Hilarious Bitchcraft Wall Calendar for Witchy Goths with a Sense of Humor

I'm pretty sure, come January 2019, this funny Bitchcraft wall calendar will be hanging in my kitchen!

It's witchy, dark, and quite sarcastic. Love it! The illustrations are really well done, too.

This could make a great gift for the witchy lady in your life - so long as she has a great sense of humor!

An Intriguing Non-Fiction Book: Bell, Book and Camera

Bell, Book and Camera is a critical history of witches in American film and television. I'm thinking this could be a really interesting textbook over at Dark Side University. The book includes films and shows with witches as main characters, witches as minor characters, witches as antagonists, and shows where there's a mere threat of witchcraft.

Note that the book is a LOT cheaper if you buy it for your Kindle rather than the paperback edition.

The table of Contents includes:

  • Introduction: A Woman Unleashed
  • Wild Women, Vamps and Green Skin
  • War and Weird Women
  • Toward a New Hollywood
  • Horror and the Fantastic
  • The Satanic Panic
  • and A New Witch Order

The chapter I'd like to personally read the most is "Toward a New Hollywood," talking about Samantha in Bewitched, and Ray Harryhausen's Hansel & Gretel. reviewed the book, if you would like to see what they thought.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Toy I Covet the Most

I am screaming right now. Loudly! I'm about to run around my office excitedly!

Check out this incredibly adorable "Under the Moonlight" vinyl collectible figure from Funko. It depicts Jack and Sally on the famed Spiral Hill, in the most romantic scene from my favorite film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This has got to be on my mantel! Or the dresser in my bedroom. Or on my desk to keep me company while I work. Or perhaps as a tablescape on my dining table. (Do I need to buy multiples of this? Probably!)

This toy is part of the Funko Pop Movie Moments line, and was made for 2018 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Pretty sure any of your goth friends would be as excited as me to find this under their Halloween or Christmas trees this year!

Funko Pop's Jack and Sally Mugs

New from Funko Pop: Nightmare Before Christmas Sally mug. What would you drink out of yours? Tea? Coffee? Hot cocoa? Frogs breath?

The Sally mug is ceramic and comes packaged in a Funko Home box.

Sally wouldn't want to be lonely in your cupboard - make sure she has her Jack mug nearby!

The Jack mug is also ceramic and stands 5 inches tall. Pumpkin spice coffee would be perfect, served in this mug!

The mugs are also available on eBay.

Cute Buffy Book for Little Kids

What's a good way to introduce your kids, nieces and nephews or grandkids to the joys of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? How about a colorful, whimsical picture book aimed at kids aged 4-8?

This Pop Classics Buffy book arrives on shelves September 4, 2018. The illustrator, Kim Smith, has also created Pop Classics stories about Back to the Future, The X-Files, E.T. the Extraterrestrial, and Home Alone. Can't wait to see what she's working on next!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Dying to Read This New Children's Book About Frankenstein Author Mary Shelley

I'm staring at my calendar, wishing mightily that August 28 would hurry up and get here so I can finally hold Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein in my hands!

This new book is designed to be read by 5 to 8 year olds (but I won't let that stop me!) It gently explains to the child reader how Mary was unhappy at home, ran away, moved to Switzerland, and got the idea for Frankenstein on a stormy night.

I'm so intrigued to see the pictures inside - the cover looks deliciously dark, and I love the striking use of color.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon to be sure it gets to your coffee table as soon as possible! I'm scared to gift this to my niece as it's a bit dark for her parents' liking, and I might get a dramatic text message as a result!

Monday, July 16, 2018

New Diet Cookbook Written by.. Count Dracula?

Arriving in September: The Bloody Good Diet Cookbook, by Count Dracula.

Well, actually this cookbook wasn't written by Dracula, but by Richard Germaine, author of similar tongue-in-cheek cookbooks.

The Bloody Good Diet Cookbook purports to serve recipes based on one's blood type.

This little gem comes with a themed apron as well - might make a nice gift for the vampire fan in your life.

Beautiful Gothic Beds for Dark Side Home Decor

Lately I've been feeling that my bedroom is really bland and boring. (Not what happens in it, but the decor!) I'd show you a photo, but it would be too humiliating. Instead, I'm wandering around shopping for beds on the Internet. Come take a look at some of my favorite finds lately:

This Meridian canopy bed is upholstered in grey velvet, with crystal button tufting. It comes in Queen and King sizes. It's very regal looking, and a nice alternative if your partner can't quite handle full-on black velvet all over your shared bedroom.

The company makes a matching upholstered velvet nightstand too.

They also offer a matching upholstered dresser, but that might be going a little too far down the "Gray" path. It might work if you had a really big bedroom.

This bed gives you the option of melding your favorite gothy black velvet with modern style: the Meridian Lexi Black Velvet Bed.

Here's a tufted Leatherette bed, in black, with crystals.

Here's a slightly different take on the tufted bed: a tufted platform bed, also with crystals.

This black velvet upholstered sleigh bed is by Baxton. It's a slightly more modern, simpler way to add a luxe regal gothic air to your bedroom.

Princess goths might like the look of this platinum and silver gray bed, which comes in Queen, King or California King sizes.

I love the look of this Baroque cast metal bed, but my boyfriend and I are too clumsy - we'd surely stub our tones on it or bang our shins on it day in and day out. This is a nope.

What do you think of this massive acrylic black headboard from The Parisian Apartment on Etsy?