Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hygge for Goths

I was beginning to think the Hygge trend was dead, but then this extra cold winter came along. I started seeing hygge-related links on my friends' social media feeds again - especially from my East Coast and Canadian friends.

Since the cold doesn't seem to be letting up, let's see how we might incorporate Hygge style and habits into our gothic homes and macabre lives.

I wouldn't let just anybody see me in this Jack Skellington snuggle blanket, but I bet I'd enjoy wrapping up in it!

If that Snuggy blanket is a bit much, take it down a notch with these minky Nightmare Before Christmas sleep pants.

Hygge calls for lots of plush throw pillows. I don't use real fur, do you? So I seek out faux, preferably of the non-itchy variety.

We can't have too many plush throws laying around, in case someone gets a bit cold!

These blackout curtains can be used to block out cold air as well as that pesky, painful sunlight!

Cozy socks and house slippers are an extremely important part of the Hygge lifestyle. I chose this particular pair of fuzzy black slippers to show you because they are described as "Black long fur monster."

Here's a perfect pair of fuzzy slippers complete with silly faux fur pompoms - for the glamgoth in your life perhaps?

These bat slippers are cartoonish, but still satisfy the Hygge requirement for lounging about the house with warm feet.

Need your hygge to be more frightening? How about monster slippers?

Who could resist spending a winter day laying around with your Jack Skellington slippers on?

Slippers might not be enough to keep you warm in this bleak chilly winter. Here are some fair isle style socks for men.

And a Fair Isle sweater to match!

Women can binge watch spooky shows on Netflix while wearing these Fair Isle skull leggings, also from Hot Topic.

I'm quite tempted to add these Haunted Mansion leggings to my winter wardrobe, too.

Here's a matching Haunted Mansion wallpaper throw, for evenings spent curled up with a good scary horror novel.

There's nothing that says ouija blankets wouldn't fit into the most hygge of all Scandinavian houses!

I haven't personally felt these Utopia black spa-style towels, but they look amazingly plush and soft!

One probably can't sit around sipping Scotch whiskey all day and all night long - that's bad for our livers! But when we're taking a hydration break or liver cleanse, we can still enjoy the fragrance of Scotch whiskey perfuming our homes, courtesy of this D.L. & Co candle.

I admit the scent of warm tobacco won't be everyone's favorite, but wanted to showcase it here in case the fragrance would be comforting to some.

One of my favorite winter candles is this Bergamot & Mahogany soy wax candle from Paddywax.

Perhaps you'd like to explore the fragrances offered by the Black Candle Society?

Or perhaps you might like to stay a bit truer to Scandi design, with this black and white Midnight Tuberose marble candle.

This Ouija candle presents a sleek, clean modern look.

A big part of the hygge lifestyle involves drinking hot cocoa every day.

You'll need something to heat water with - would you really want any other color?

Perhaps you prefer tea to cocoa or coffee. Here's Tea Forte's "Noir" line of black teas.

You'll need something to drink your hot cocoa or tea out of - how about these vampiric looking red and black mugs?

Don't have a real fireplace to settle in front of with your socks, blanket, hot cocoa, bourbon and book? Install this elegant gothic electric fireplace.

Bundle up, try to stay warm, stay home if you've been drinking, and enjoy this quiet, contemplative season, with plenty of long, unrushed evenings for reading books, playing games, journaling, drawing, painting and other creative endeavors!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Too Fast's Delightful Macabre Winter Clothing

We wanted to point out a few new clothing items from Too Fast Apparel for winter!

Here is Too Fast's "Stay Creepy" knitted scarf, featuring bats and stars.

They also offer another knitted scarf, with a graveyard and tombstone pattern. Love it!

Perhaps a few of you will be tempted by their knitted Ouija scarf?

I like the black cats on these short gloves, but they probably wouldn't keep any of my East Coast friends warm while living through this epic cold snap!

We probably shouldn't be too matchy-matchy, but here's a graveyard cardigan to match the scarf shown above.

This skull cardigan features sparkly silver glitter!

All of the above items should be paired with warm coats and cozy clothing, but are a fun way to accessorize and add just that much more warmth as you go about your eerie business!

New Book from the Lore Podcast: The World of Lore

This book came out back in October, just in time for Halloween. It's by Aaron Mahnke, creator of the eerie and popular Lore podcast and creative inspiration behind Amazon's hit Lore TV series.

"In this beautifully illustrated volume, the host of the hit podcast Lore serves as a guide on a fascinating journey through the history of these terrifying creatures, exploring not only the legends but what they tell us about ourselves. Aaron Mahnke invites us to the desolate Pine Barrens of New Jersey, where the notorious winged, red-eyed Jersey Devil dwells. He delves into harrowing accounts of cannibalism—some officially documented, others the stuff of speculation . . . perhaps. He visits the dimly lit rooms where séances take place, the European villages where gremlins make mischief, even Key West, Florida, home of a haunted doll named Robert."

The second book in the series, The World of Lore: Wicked Mortals will come out in May 2018.

If you enjoy listening to the podcast or watching the show, you might want to add these books to your home library or ereader!

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