Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hallmark's Itty Bitty Beetlejuice Plush Toy

I'm really surprised that Hallmark would create this Beetlejuice plush toy! It's adorable, but I wouldn't expect Hallmark to put their name on something based on a ghost and a dark, twisted movie!

The best part about this toy is it costs less than $10! Small enough to fit into your backpack or messenger bag, or perch on your desk to keep you company throughout your workday!

You can also purchase the Beetlejuice Itty Bitty plush toy on eBay.

Dark Art from Madrid by BwanaDevil

I thought some of you might like checking out the BwanaDevil Art shop. Based in Madrid, the artist specializes in retro style and psychobilly classic horror movie artwork. I really like how the artist's quirky personality clearly comes out in their creations.

The artwork is framed either in coffin-shaped frames or in diamond shaped frames.

Besides classic horror and television themes, there are a few goth favorites and Tim Burton films thrown in too.

Here are some of my favorites from this shop:

Wednesday Addams

The Shining Twins

Vampira/Maila Nurmi

Edward Scissorhands

For more horror prints, visit the shop at:


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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Exquisite Candles from Creature Carvings on Etsy

If you're looking for a place to shop for dark candles, check out Creature Carvings, a Etsy shop based in Cold Spring, New York.

I'm not sure I would ever actually burn one of these beeswax candles. I'd rather keep this Vampire bat candle around to decorate my mantel, especially during autumn and the spooky season.

There are a few different options for Krampus candles. I'd probably only display these at Christmastime.

I don't run across a lot of black beeswax pumpkin candles so I'm glad to have discovered this one!

The shop also offers an intricate Cthulhu candle for those of you who are Lovecraft fans.

Shop for these candles plus some carved wood items at the Creature Carvings shop on Etsy!

Intriguing New Read: Dictators' Dinners Cookbook

I'm eager to dive into this new food history/cookbook, Dictators' Dinners, when it comes out in the US on March 18. (It's been available in the UK for about four years now).

From the publisher:

What did dictators eat? Sometimes simply obscene amounts of the best their nations could offer, but more often their despots’ humble origins, or embarrassing medical conditions, or simple lack of interest in or time for food meant their tastes were surprisingly unpretentious – ranging from human flesh, to raw garlic salad, to Quality Street...

Dictators Dinners is an investigation into what some of the world’s most notorious 20th century despots have enjoyed most at their dinner table, and with whom. Here we learn of their foibles, their eccentricities and their frequent terror of poisoning - something no number of food tasters was ever able to assuage.

For a selection of 25 former national figureheads across the world, each section includes:

• An outline of the dictator’s history.

• A short essay on their particular eating habits, table manners, digestive systems.

• One or two of their favourite recipes.


Dictators' Dinners Cookbook: Reveals Recipes of World's Most Notorious Dictators, at The Daily Mail

Dictators' Dinners: From Hitler's Vegetarianism to Kim Jong Il's Iranian Caviar, at The Independent

Dictators' Dinners, at Goodreads

The Favorite Foods and Eccentric Eating Habits of 9 Ruthless Dictators (SF Gate)

Saddam's Chocolate and Gaddafi's Camel Milk: Tyrants' Meals Revealed, at The Guardian

Studying the Food of History's Most Infamous, at The Dinner Party Download

What Do Dictators Like to Eat?, at BBC News

Shop for Dictators' Dinners on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, and on eBay.

Breakfast with The Nightmare Before Christmas

Now you can start your day by eating breakfast on Zak Designs' Nightmare Before Christmas plastic plate and cereal bowl. The set also comes with a tumbler and straw.

Unfortunately, there isn't any Nightmare Before Christmas cereal on the market (so far!) so I recommend Count Chocula if you need a spooky start to your morning!

Goth Shop of the Week: Me and Annabel Lee

This week's Goth Shop of the Week is Me and Annabel Lee.

I of course was immediately drawn to the Edgar Allan Poe reference in the name, and I'm enjoying exploring their offerings of gothic jewelry and elegant Victorian inspired dark candles.

The candles are made from Victorian style tea cups filled with wax and fragranced with essential oils.

Also on offer are Victorian-inspired necklaces and skull earrings.

I hope you'll enjoy browsing this little gothic shop today! Visit the shop at:

Classic Horror Pillow Books to Clutch In Uneasy Slumber

Now you can cuddle up at night with a handmade Frankenstein pillow book. Or toss it casually on your Victorian style fainting couch to add a touch of classic horror to your home decor.

These hand sewn plush pillow books measure 8.5 by 11 inches. You can open the fabric cover to read the first page of Frankenstein inside. The pillow is made from cotton fabric and foam stuffing.

There's also a Dracula pillow book for fans of classic vampire literature. The first page of the book will be readable when you open the fabric cover.

Peeking around the Brassington Hollow Etsy shop, I also spy a Jane Eyre pillow book and an Alice in Wonderland if those are more to your liking!