A New Dark and Darling Nursery Rhyme Book for Goth Younglings

Mother Ghost: Nursery Rhymes for Little Monsters just came out yesterday! It's a collection of darker nursery rhymes, tailored for children aged 4-8. I've absolutely got to add this to my "Spooky auntie" bookshelf!

The haunting rhymes include "Mary Had a Little Ghost," "Zombie Miss Muffet," "Wee Willie Werewolf," "Twinkle Twinkle Lantern Jack," and "Sing a Song of Witches." I'd probably rename "Mary, Mary, Tall and Scary" to "Carrie, Carrie, Tall and Scary," but that's just me..

I can't wait to read these to my baby nieces and nephews!

Reviews: Kirkus Review, Publishers Weekly,

Author: Rachel Kolar

Illustrator: Roland Garrigue