Beautiful Gothic Beds for Dark Side Home Decor

Lately I've been feeling that my bedroom is really bland and boring. (Not what happens in it, but the decor!) I'd show you a photo, but it would be too humiliating. Instead, I'm wandering around shopping for beds on the Internet. Come take a look at some of my favorite finds lately:

This Meridian canopy bed is upholstered in grey velvet, with crystal button tufting. It comes in Queen and King sizes. It's very regal looking, and a nice alternative if your partner can't quite handle full-on black velvet all over your shared bedroom.

The company makes a matching upholstered velvet nightstand too.

They also offer a matching upholstered dresser, but that might be going a little too far down the "Gray" path. It might work if you had a really big bedroom.

This bed gives you the option of melding your favorite gothy black velvet with modern style: the Meridian Lexi Black Velvet Bed.

Here's a tufted Leatherette bed, in black, with crystals.

Here's a slightly different take on the tufted bed: a tufted platform bed, also with crystals.

This black velvet upholstered sleigh bed is by Baxton. It's a slightly more modern, simpler way to add a luxe regal gothic air to your bedroom.

Princess goths might like the look of this platinum and silver gray bed, which comes in Queen, King or California King sizes.

I love the look of this Baroque cast metal bed, but my boyfriend and I are too clumsy - we'd surely stub our tones on it or bang our shins on it day in and day out. This is a nope.

What do you think of this massive acrylic black headboard from The Parisian Apartment on Etsy?