Horror Building Art Prints from Kayla Brinker

This week I wanted to show you these horror movie themed 8x10 giclee prints from Kayla Brinker. This Florida-based artist prints them on acid free archival paper. Note that frames are not included in purchase price. The originals were drawn with art pens and colored with watercolor paints. Their size makes them convenient to tuck away various places in your home for guests to come across. Perhaps lovingly hanging between family portraits on the landing of your stairs, sitting on a small table in the guest room, or placed on a mantel.

Now you can hang a representation of the Maitlands' house from Beetlejuice on your wall.

The house from Coraline ("The Pink Palace).

This print depicts Annie Wilkes' house from Stephen King's Misery.

Look at this nice simple unassuming little house. Aww.. except it's the house from A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Here's my personal favorite: Kayla's illustration of The Overlook Hotel from Stephen King's The Shining.

I have several friends who would enjoy owning this print of The Bates Motel.

Shop for other architecture horror movie art prints at Kayla Brinker Art on Etsy!