An Intriguing Non-Fiction Book: Bell, Book and Camera

Bell, Book and Camera is a critical history of witches in American film and television. I'm thinking this could be a really interesting textbook over at Dark Side University. The book includes films and shows with witches as main characters, witches as minor characters, witches as antagonists, and shows where there's a mere threat of witchcraft.

Note that the book is a LOT cheaper if you buy it for your Kindle rather than the paperback edition.

The table of Contents includes:

  • Introduction: A Woman Unleashed
  • Wild Women, Vamps and Green Skin
  • War and Weird Women
  • Toward a New Hollywood
  • Horror and the Fantastic
  • The Satanic Panic
  • and A New Witch Order

The chapter I'd like to personally read the most is "Toward a New Hollywood," talking about Samantha in Bewitched, and Ray Harryhausen's Hansel & Gretel. reviewed the book, if you would like to see what they thought.