Old Soul Artisan's Dark Literature Inspired Candles

This New Jersey-based Etsy shop sells candles inspired by literature and folklore. You can tell they've definitely read lots of dark books, and I like the fragrance combinations they've assigned to each themed candle. And how awesome is it that their candles are all made from soy? The candles are vegan, and use cotton wicks.

Their "Book of Spells" candle is scented with "ancient books and secret rituals."

The "Annabel Lee" candle is fragranced with magnolia, sea mist, and ocean botanicals.

The "Kraken" candle is meant to evoke leather, driftwood, and tobacco.

For the "Immortal" candle, they've included the scents of blood oranges and vetiver.

There are candles devoted to Krampus, Kali, Game of Thrones' "Mother of Dragons," and Halloween. Visit the link below to browse all the offerings.