Thursday, July 18, 2019

Stranger Things Pool Toys and Yard Embellishments for a Bleak Summer

Let's face it, I don't really know all that many goths who lounge by the swimming pool. Perhaps I know a few who take a brief, cool dip at night under the moonlight, come to think of it. Who else thinks it would be fun to laze about on this awesome Stranger Things "The Upside Down" pool float? It measures four feet across. I'm too chicken to take it into the shark-infested ocean or the dark lake I vacation near, but I'd use it in the pool.

I will proudly use and display this Demogorgon Sprinkler in my front yard this summer. We can run into it, desperate to escape the heat, and water my parched yard at the same time. It's six feet tall, and sure to frighten the neighbor children!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Our 10 Top Picks for Goths from Target's 2019 Halloween Decor

The Poisons and Potions wooden horse cart looks almost like a hearse. It's just twelve inches tall, so can only hold small pieces of Halloween candy.

This Trick or Treat sign features a bat. Need it!

You can't have too many black kitties on Halloween! This one looks a bit smirky - love that!

Heck with using this Mini Halloween Mantel set for home decor. I plan to use it as a playset! I'll envision lots of spooky scenarios and create intricate backstories for the folks interned under those tombstones!

This standing Halloween witch reminds me so much of my friend Debra. When I lived in San Diego, she introduced me to her funky, creative, smart friends who happened to also have red hair. They called themselves "The Red-Headed Witches of North Park." Those were good times.

Every witch needs her familiar close by, so if I buy the witch, I'll have to purchase this standing black kitty as well. So adorable!

I'm iffy on these decorative Halloween books. I already own massive amounts of creepy-looking old antique books. However, the awesome fonts and stylistic decorations are swaying me.

These Halloween melamine plates are silly rather than macabre or spooky, but I'll probably pick up several sets because I entertain so often at my home. (Or should I say, my lair?)

This might be the year I break down and buy an animated Halloween doorbell. This one's just so batty!

I happen to have a black and purple bathroom that this faux Halloween purple and black jeweled candelabra will go perfectly into. I probably will leave it up year round!

Happy Halloween!

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Pillow Buddies

Looking for something snuggly to cuddle up to while you're watching the creepy Season 3 of Stranger Things? How about these adorable plush Pillow Buddies based on Nightmare Before Christmas? They're officially licensed Disney merchandise, designed by Jay Franco.

Jack Skellington Pillow Buddy, on Amazon

Sally Pillow Buddy, on Amazon

Coming Soon - Barbie x David Bowie Doll

Arriving in July: This fabulous Barbie x David Bowie Doll! Shop for this tribute doll at Entertainment Earth or on eBay.

She wears a Ziggy Stardust-esque jumpsuit, star shaped earrings, black fingernails and shiny red platform boots.

The doll is not meant to look like David Bowie; it features Barbie dressed as his alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

This is a Gold Label limited edition doll from Mattel.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Steampunkesque Alice of Wonderland Playing Cards Deck

This beautiful deck of Alice in Wonderland themed steampunk playing cards was designed by artist Juan Solorzano.

You can shop for Alice of Wonderland playing cards on Amazon and on eBay.

Besides the Silver edition; you can also shop for the Alice of Wonderland Gold edition playing cards if you prefer a sepia tone.

Funko's Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop's 642 figure is from Beetlejuice, Lydia Deetz (via Amazon). She comes with her hat and handbook.

Or perhaps you might prefer Lydia in her red wedding dress, from Funko's Rock Candy line (via Amazon). She holds a little bouquet of blood red flowers.

You can also shop for Funko's Lydia Deetz figures on eBay.

New Castlevania Figures from Funko Pop Animation

New from Funko Pop's Animation line for July: Castlevania vinyl figures (via Amazon). The figures represent Vlad Tepes, Adrian Dracula Tepes, Blue Fang, Trevor Belmont, and Adrian Tepes. There's also a Sypha Belnades figure (not shown).

You can shop for Funko Pop Animation Castlevania figures on eBay as well.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

MyWitchery's Incredible Gothic and Witchy Headdresses

Introducing MyWitchery, an Etsy shop based in Germany. They specialize in haute gothic and fantasy headdresses and headpieces.

This piece is their "Gothic Moon Halo" headdress, a spiked crown using lace and beadwork.

Along the same vein (pun intended) here is their Crescent Moons Headdress, which includes a wig and veil.

Would you have the balance and walking skills to keep this fabulous Anubis Crown upright? The horns are so long!

I've never seen a Wreath Headdress like this before! How delightfully creative and unique!

Enjoy browsing the rest of the MyWitchery shop! Where might you wear one of these headdresses? Let us know in the comments below.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Liquorbrand's Highly Amusing Dark and Macabre Home Decor Pillows

I wanted to show you the new home decor pillows from Liquorbrand. Several of them are too "tattoo" and "rockabilly" for my personal tastes, but I know Goth Shopaholic has lots of dark readers with slightly different and unique tastes and styles.

My favorite pillows from their new collection are the Deaths Head Moth-esque "Butterfly Day of the Dead" pillow; the "Tattbat" pillow, the Ouija pillow, and the Victorian skull-shaped pillow.

Would you put these on your bed, sofa, or fainting couch? Let me know in the comments below!

Shop for Liquorbrand pillows on Amazon and on eBay.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Alchemy of England's Gorgeous Emerald Venom Jewelry

Spider-loving goths, take a look at Alchemy of England's new line of pewter jewelry: "Emerald Venom." Each piece is adorned with an emerald green Swarovski crystal.

Emerald Venom Ring, on Amazon

Emerald Venom Bracelet, on Amazon

Emerald Venom Spider Pendant Necklace, on Amazon

Alchemy England's Emerald Venom Earrings, on Amazon

I probably wouldn't choose to wear all four of these pieces at the same time, but I'd like the option to pick and choose which items to adorn myself on a given day. Perhaps the earrings and matching bracelet one day, and the necklace and ring another?

You can also shop for Alchemy of England's Emerald Venom jewelry on eBay.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Elegant Rococo and Baroque Furniture for Royalgoth Home Decor

My web wanderings lately have led me to late-night sessions drooling over Rococo style furniture. (You can read up about Rococo art and style if you are fascinated by this scrolling, luxurious, theatrical decor style).

These antique Rococo throne chairs were made in the early 1900s. They've since been refurbished in tufted black leather and silver leaf. How fabulous it would be to perch upon them in a corseted gown sipping tea or a cocktail!

Not many goths care for the color gold, but I wanted to show you this fabulous rococo Black Leather Throne Chair. The shape is so unusual.

If you're a goth who incorporates some jewel tones into your wardrobe and decor, here are some luxurious amethyst purple throne chairs.

Speaking of unusual shapes, check out this silver French balloon chair.

I love the unusual curving, swirling shapes of these high-backed black Baroque throne chairs. So unique!

Here's a Baroque throne sofa that's probably too gold for most goths, but I wanted to show you the intriguing leafy upholstery pattern.

Imagine stopping to check your hair and makeup in this silver French floor mirror before popping off to the clubs?

Or perhaps you'd prefer peering into this seven foot tall Baroque mirror made to look like a hand mirror?

Modern goths might like this acrylic Baroque style purple chair.

Check out the #royalgoth hashtag on Instagram for more inspiration.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Warming Up Winter with Jack Skellington and Zero Teapots

I drank even more hot tea than normal during Seattle's recent #Snowpocalypse2019. I just kept a kettle on the stove all day long, but wish I'd had this Jack Skellington teapot to brew the tea in instead. Jack would surely cheer my snow-weary spirits!

Trying to be less of a shopaholic this year, I was wracking my brain trying to find a better excuse to own this Zero teapot other than "The Jack teapot might get lonely." Then it occurred to me that I have tea-drinking friends who prefer herbal teas and tea-drinking friends who prefer caffeinated teas. This way I could put the black tea in Jack and the herbal in Zero, or vice versa! Ta da. Shopping dilemma solved!

The Jack Skellington and Zero teapots are also available on eBay.

Someone's Made a Black Plague Castle Dollhouse

.. and I find that hysterical and an admirable use of their time!

At an Etsy shop called Modern Marie Antoinette you can find a morbid little creation of a Black Plague Castle Dollhouse.

The playset includes three wooden Plague Victim figures, two wooden Plague Doctors, a hand sculpted catacombs and graveyard, tea stained etchings, and real moss.

Imagine the rainy afternoons you could while away recreating historic tragedies on a small scale!