Darkly Elegant Nail Lacquers from Chanel

Chanel's Le Vernis nail lacquer (via Violet Grey.com) is my current favorite. It lasts a long time, takes a lot of abuse before chipping, and is extremely glossy (which I really like). I'm looking at the following colors for my winter evenings out, to go with the dark velvets I'm wearing to stay warm and look elegant.

"Bleu Trompeur" is for goths who aren't afraid to mix a little jewel tone into their winter look. I find it amusing that Trompeur means "misleading."

"Vamp" is your go-to gothic red, more blood red than the too-bright "Pirate" option from Chanel.

Here's the black we've been looking for - "Gris Obscur."

The deep blue/purple tones of "Roubachka," (currently sold out) are reminiscent of bruises.

Which hues tempt you the most?