Who Doesn't Want to Snuggle with a Plush Vampire Doll Meant for Babies?

I was minding my own business browsing Amazon casually, not even searching out anything dark or vampiric, when I stumbled across this darling Little Vampire Princess plush doll meant for small babies. She's by the respected North American Bear toy company (their plush toys are often found on baby shower registries).

I'm not sure I would have known this vampire was a princess (she doesn't seem to have a sparkly gown, tiara, crown or long hair). I guess that's the name of the design (they also make Princess ballerina and storybook dolls).

She is made from washable velour, with satin accents. She wears black pants and a purple vest with yellow tie.

You can shop for this stuffed vampire toy on Amazon and on eBay.

I might just tuck one of these into my niece's next birthday gift and see if anybody notices!


  1. Ooh, me too! And I received a Amazon gift card for the holidays!


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