Elegant Rococo and Baroque Furniture for Royalgoth Home Decor

My web wanderings lately have led me to late-night sessions drooling over Rococo style furniture. (You can read up about Rococo art and style if you are fascinated by this scrolling, luxurious, theatrical decor style).

These antique Rococo throne chairs were made in the early 1900s. They've since been refurbished in tufted black leather and silver leaf. How fabulous it would be to perch upon them in a corseted gown sipping tea or a cocktail!

Not many goths care for the color gold, but I wanted to show you this fabulous rococo Black Leather Throne Chair. The shape is so unusual.

If you're a goth who incorporates some jewel tones into your wardrobe and decor, here are some luxurious amethyst purple throne chairs.

Speaking of unusual shapes, check out this silver French balloon chair.

I love the unusual curving, swirling shapes of these high-backed black Baroque throne chairs. So unique!

Here's a Baroque throne sofa that's probably too gold for most goths, but I wanted to show you the intriguing leafy upholstery pattern.

Imagine stopping to check your hair and makeup in this silver French floor mirror before popping off to the clubs?

Or perhaps you'd prefer peering into this seven foot tall Baroque mirror made to look like a hand mirror?

Modern goths might like this acrylic Baroque style purple chair.

Check out the #royalgoth hashtag on Instagram for more inspiration.