Valkyrie Apparel's Dark Dresses for the Dreaded Springtime

Soon comes Spring, with its ghastly emphasis on pinks and pastels, light colors and painfully sunny days. One must make what one can of it, adding a spot of darkness here and there to keep our macabre spirits up during this challenging time. I wanted to show you some of the delightful items from Valkyrie Apparel Tees on Etsy. Their clothing is "subtly subversive" and made from a luggage-friendly rayon or polyester and Spandex blend.

Some of these might be suitable for some of my "apothecary goth" or "botanical goth" readers, should I have any.

This "Bleeding Heart" empire waist dress is part of Valkyrie Apparel's "Wicked workwear" line.

If you're looking for a shorter dress, how about this "Wolfsbane" tunic dress? I love the splash of purple blossoms.

You could wear this Deadly Nightshade Tunic casually and quietly, waiting to see if anyone notices and remarks upon it.

If deadly plants don't entice you, perhaps this "Running with Scissors" tunic dress might catch your eye.

Surely your employer wouldn't complain if you wore this "Cemetery Gates" tunic dress in the workplace?

Cheers to a darker, drearier Spring ahead!