Warming Up Winter with Jack Skellington and Zero Teapots

I drank even more hot tea than normal during Seattle's recent #Snowpocalypse2019. I just kept a kettle on the stove all day long, but wish I'd had this Jack Skellington teapot to brew the tea in instead. Jack would surely cheer my snow-weary spirits!

Trying to be less of a shopaholic this year, I was wracking my brain trying to find a better excuse to own this Zero teapot other than "The Jack teapot might get lonely." Then it occurred to me that I have tea-drinking friends who prefer herbal teas and tea-drinking friends who prefer caffeinated teas. This way I could put the black tea in Jack and the herbal in Zero, or vice versa! Ta da. Shopping dilemma solved!

The Jack Skellington and Zero teapots are also available on eBay.