Alchemy of England's Gorgeous Emerald Venom Jewelry

Spider-loving goths, take a look at Alchemy of England's new line of pewter jewelry: "Emerald Venom." Each piece is adorned with an emerald green Swarovski crystal.

Emerald Venom Ring, on Amazon

Emerald Venom Bracelet, on Amazon

Emerald Venom Spider Pendant Necklace, on Amazon

Alchemy England's Emerald Venom Earrings, on Amazon

I probably wouldn't choose to wear all four of these pieces at the same time, but I'd like the option to pick and choose which items to adorn myself on a given day. Perhaps the earrings and matching bracelet one day, and the necklace and ring another?

You can also shop for Alchemy of England's Emerald Venom jewelry on eBay.