MyWitchery's Incredible Gothic and Witchy Headdresses

Introducing MyWitchery, an Etsy shop based in Germany. They specialize in haute gothic and fantasy headdresses and headpieces.

This piece is their "Gothic Moon Halo" headdress, a spiked crown using lace and beadwork.

Along the same vein (pun intended) here is their Crescent Moons Headdress, which includes a wig and veil.

Would you have the balance and walking skills to keep this fabulous Anubis Crown upright? The horns are so long!

I've never seen a Wreath Headdress like this before! How delightfully creative and unique!

Enjoy browsing the rest of the MyWitchery shop! Where might you wear one of these headdresses? Let us know in the comments below.