Fiesta's Darkly Elegant Skull & Vine Dishes for Swanky Goth Soirees

I'm so delighted to show you the new Day of the Dead themed dinnerware from legendary American tableware company Fiesta. These obviously would be perfect for Halloween, but think of all the candlelit glamorous evening dinners you could host for your goth friends this fall and winter?

This is the Skull & Vine chop plate. I'm actually not sure what a chop plate is for - pork chops? A chopped salad? How is it different than a dinner plate?

The Skull & Vine floral border chop plate measures 11.75" in diameter, and is meant to be the right size for tortillas or individual pizzas.

You can use the Skull & Vine pasta bowl (via eBay) for soup, salad or pasta. Or heck, a giant dish of ice cream sounds good right about now.

The Skull & Vine luncheon plate measures 9 inches in diameter.

Squee! Look at this darling little Skull & Vine ramekin! Think of all the elegant little gothic desserts you could bake and serve in these - chocolate mousse, red velvet mini cheesecakes, creme brulees dyed purple with food coloring perhaps?

I wouldn't throw a dinner party without making sure there was bread and butter on the table, so here's the matching Skull & Vine bread tray!

Serve your guests after-dinner coffee or tea in the matching Skull & Vine tapered mug.

You can store after-dinner mints for your guests in the Skull & Vine treat jar.

I'd like to see a few more additions to the line to make it more complete - a bread and butter plate, a salad plate other than the appetizer and luncheon plate, a teapot and teacups, and a large serving platter. One can dream!

Fiesta's dinnerware is microwave and dishwasher safe. Besides Amazon, you can shop for this Dia de Los Muertos inspired dinnerware on eBay.

Happy entertaining!