Midnight Black Wine Glasses for Serving In an Elegant Vampiric Style

If you're having guests over to your lair for dinner or for wine tasting, you can serve them more elegantly in these Midnight Black wine glasses (via Amazon). They'll make white wine look weird, but red wine look deeper. They'll add a hint of mystery to your candlelit dinner table.

If you're a wine connoisseur, you'll want to serve your big reds in the Midnight Black balloon wine glasses.

For a more "Vampire Manor" look to your dinner table, I suggest the balloon wine glasses in Midnight Rouge.

If you prefer stemless wine glasses, here's Artland's Midnight Black stemless wine glasses (via Amazon), but I don't think they look as luxurious.

If you serve mimosas at brunch, here's an exquisite way to present them: Midnight Flutes in Red, via Amazon. The flutes also come in Midnight Black. I don't personally get up early enough in the morning to host brunches (night owl alert!)