Goth Shop of the Week: Alice Corsets

The Alice Corsets shop sells stunningly beautiful "Haute Goth & Dark Couture" corsets and gowns. If I were to save up for one of these dazzling dresses, I'd probably create some sort of magical event to have an excuse to wear one. (I mean, who needs an excuse, but these are a bit much to just flit about the house in!)

The gown I'm fantasizing the most about wearing is this purple and black couture gothic wedding gown. The purchase includes the corset, skirt and cape, but not the headdress which is by another costumer.

Now you can have the vampire wedding of your dreams, with this feather gothic wedding gown that looks like blood is dripping from your throat! How romantic!

The listing for this dramatic black lace dress suggests it might work for a Halloween evening gown or a Wiccan/pagan ceremonial gown.

In all my years running Dark Side of the Net and Goth Shopaholic I've looked at hundreds or thousands of corsets - but I've never seen one like this fantastic Batty Crinoline Cage Corset.

I don't want to ruin the surprises in store for you if you keep browsing this incredible goth high fashion shop, so enjoy looking on for yourself: