Dark and Dazzling Harry Potter Holiday Outfits for Wee Little Goths

Those of us who are goth grandparents aren't always appreciated when we try to deck out our grandkids (or nieces and nephews) in head-to-toe black. Perhaps our adult children are rebelling against our goth sensibilities, and they might prefer to dress our grandbabies in pastels and .. shudder.. colorful outfits? Well take a look at my sneaky way of getting some beautiful dark hues on my grandkids - Harry Potter "Hogwart's" clothing from Mini Boden!

The color is described as "plum jam purple" and looks nice and dark. There's a faint, discernable outline of the iconic Hogwart's Castle spires on it, in gold.

The collection includes an Enchanted Hogwart's tulle dress that's perfect for dressy Christmas festivities.

If your goth grandkid lives somewhere with cold, snowy weather, there's a matching sweatshirt with Hogwart's on it.

For spunky little girls, there's a tulle skirt that you can twirl in.

Shop for Mini Boden's Hogwarts clothing at Nordstrom! (affiliate link).

Wrap your loved little dark bookish ones in these charming, darling festive outfits this holiday season!