Tempted to Start a Toy and Model Hearse Collection

Tonight I couldn't fall asleep, and somehow found myself simultaneously watching a boring WW2 documentary on Netflix and browsing toy hearses on eBay. I've never been a model car collector (I played with dolls as a child, and frankly, as an adult, and recently!) instead of cars. But I'm drawn to these intriguing collectibles lately.

As I looked through eBay model hearse listings I saw Cadillac hearses, Rolls Royce hearses, a Citroen hearse, a few Volvo hearses, and even, unimaginably, VW Bug hearses.

I see black hearses, white hearses, pink hearses, and some cool red-and-black hearses.

Model toy hearses come in so many different scales: some are for train sets, some are Matchbox or Hot Wheels for kids, some are larger collectible model hearses for adults.

Take a look at scale model sizes if you are curious like me.

There are some model hearses on Etsy too. My favorite hearses are the ones that come with tiny little coffins on gurneys!