My Current Favorite Goth Spoonflower Fabric Shop

I've been browsing Spoonflower looking for gothy fabrics to make masks with, and today I've discovered a fabulous, quirky, dark and spooky fabric shop: There Will Be Cute. The shop is by artist Caley Hicks, a talented illustrator.

Their designs feature spooky kittens, cryptid cuties, spooky moths, graveyard ghouls, a ghostly Lady in White print, a few assorted woodland forest animals and the occasional unicorn pattern, and of course some skulls.

I'd love to have a tablecloth made from Salem and a skirt made from The Headless Horseman.

Each pattern comes in a variety of colorways - orange and black of course, gray and black, green and black, and green-black-beige feature prominently. Some of the patterns come in a smaller print size that would be better for mask-making so more of the image shows.

What I especially like about the aesthetic here is that while the prints are gloomy, they don't necessarily scream "Halloween." Like most of you, I like to celebrate Halloween year-round, but I admit I'd get a little sick of the typical black-and-orange pumpkins and black cats by April. These fabric prints are a great way to incorporate the macabre into your wardrobe and home decor in an adorably eerie way year-round.

I thoroughly enjoyed browsing and shopping for fabric at the There Will Be Cute shop and I hope you do too. What was your favorite pattern you saw here?

Happy sewing!