New Dark Tarot Decks To Look Forward To

Tarot of the Dark Wood

I live in a wooded suburban area, and I'm a longtime fairy tale lover and scholar. I'm also a big fan of Abigail Larson's dark artwork. So the new Dark Wood Tarot (via Amazon) tempts me greatly.

This Tarot deck comes out June 8, and features an interesting twist on card reversals. It's known as a Shadow deck, presenting reversals as Shadow meanings. Use the deck to explore your shadowy dreams.

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Tarot del Toro

Oh my gosh you guys, look what is coming out in September - just in time for a deliciously dreary autumn! Tarot del Toro (via Amazon), a Tarot deck based on the dark films and books of Guillermo del Toro. I am almost screaming right now, I'm so excited. Take a look at the sample pics above - there are Tarot card images based on his films The Shape of Water, Crimson Peak, Pan's Labyrinth and other beloved dark/horror films.

The artist for this deck is Tomas Hijo.

Murder of Crows Tarot

The Murder of Crows Tarot (via Amazon) comes out in early August 2020. This is a very macabre and dark deck, presented in a somber black, gray and white color theme. The artist is Italian comic book artist Corrado Roi.

Heaven and Earth Tarot

The Heaven and Earth Tarot (via Amazon) is perfect for dark fantasy enthusiasts. Artist Jack Sephiroth created the stunning illustrations for this. It's due to be published in early September 2020.

Edgar Allan Poe Tarot

Also coming out the week of September 8, 2020, another spin on an Edgar Allan Poe Tarot (via Amazon). This one has a bit of steampunk flair (I see a hot air balloon). This lovely deck has its own website where you can check out more images in the gallery.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot

I could not be more excited for The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot (via Amazon). I'm totally freaking out! It comes out September 15, 2020, right before I tend to re-watch it weekly throughout the autumn and Christmas season.

I initially was disappointed by the deck's black-and-white artwork (instead of the movie's somber but colorful tones), but as I look over the sample cards on Amazon, I'm warming up to them. The artwork is by Abigail Larson who has been busy this year, and is meant to resemble Tim Burton's original sketches.

Let's pre-order the Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot so we can do spooky readings come autumn!

Happy divining,