Summer Reading for Goths: Sneak Peek at New Releases for a Dark Summer

A long, unfortunately hot and sunny summer stretches ahead. I can't imagine I'm the only one here eager to socially isolate at home alone with a fan (I don't have air conditioning, sadly) in a dark room with a reading lamp and a stack of summer reads! Here's some new dark, Gothic and Victorian style reads I'm looking forward to reading this summer.

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Goth Summer Reading New Release Books

The Folcraft Ghosts, by Darcy Coates - I'm always up for a good creepy house book. Bonus - this one throws in some weird grandparents. Surprisingly, since the protagonists are kids, this isn't a YA book.

The House of Whispers, by Laura Purcell - A big creepy house by the sea, with a superstitious staff (this immediately put me in mind of "The Others," that great Nicole Kidman ghost movie). And apparently bad fairies make an appearance.

Mexican Gothic, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia - I listen to quite a few podcasts on upcoming books, and "Mexican Gothic" has been mentioned so many times lately! I absolutely must read this. It's yet another creepy gothic house book, set in the Mexican countryside this time.

Shadowplay, by Joseph O'Connor - Set in Victorian London during the time of Jack the Ripper - featuring theatre drama, and the young author Bram Stoker. Clever - I like this unusual take on the genre.

The Shadows: A Novel, by Alex North. I'm not usually into crime/detective novels, but this one is more of a serial killer thriller style book. I'm up for a good page turner, so I'll give it a try.

Stake, by Kevin J. Anderson - A vampire vs. detective book, featuring a character with the last name Helsing...

Survivor Song: A Novel, by Paul Tremblay - I'm not sure that right now is a great time to be publishing or reading a book about an insidious rabies-like virus that incubates in less than an hour. For those of you who enjoy reading terrifying novels about diseases, now's your chance. At least it's a nice break from zombie lit.

The Year of the Witching, by Alexis Henderson - A dark fantasy set in a Puritanical society where witches exist and are feared and reviled. (No, it's not set in modern day America, ha, ha).

Wonderland, by Zoje Stage - The publisher's wishful-thinking description says "Shirley Jackson meets The Shining." A family moves to a haunted or cursed farmhouse and mayhem ensues.

Summer Goth Reads For YA:

The Companion, by Katie Alender - An abused orphan takes a job as a companion to a silent girl in a - you guessed it - isolated, remote country estate.

The Dark Tide, by Alicia Jasinska - An LGBT dark fantasy, with a witch queen and a sinking island city.

The Haunted Mansion: Flights of Fancy, by Sina Grace - A Disney's Haunted Mansion paperback book for kids aged 9-12 years (or for adult Disney collectors).

Midnight Sun, by Stephenie Meyer - This wouldn't be my first pick to read, but I know several of my readers here are eagerly anticipating the Twilight story told from vampire Edward's viewpoint.

Prelude for Lost Souls, by Helene Dunbar - A town of clairvoyants is controlled by a sinister Guild. A teen tries to escape.

A Wicked Magic, by Sasha Laurens - Witches in modern times face a demon while struggling to learn to use their powers. (Think Charmed, Sabrina and The Craft.)

Summer Reads for Goth Children

Cat's Fur, by Bonnie Stanard - For ages 4-8. Witches become allergic and sneeze around cats - will Halloween be ruined?

The Little Kitten, by Nicola Killen - For babybats age 4-8 years. A kitten named Pumpkin is lost, and found, near Halloween.

She Wanted to Be Haunted, by Marcus Ewert. For spooky little kids aged 3-6. This looks so cute! A pink house named Clairissa dreams of darker things.

-Happy reading!