Sneak Peek at Funko's Upcoming Utterly Adorable Edward Scissorhands Figures

Take a look at Funko's newest Pop Deluxe Edward Scissorhands figures, ready for pre-order.

Funko will be releasing this darling Edward Scissorhands and Dino Hedge (via Amazon) figure in mid August. I'm delighted that they made this tribute to Edward's artistic hedge trimming skills.

Remember that time Tim Burton made Winona Ryder wear a blonde wig? Here she is as Edward's love interest, Kim (via Amazon), complete with white dress and white shoes.

Here's a figure depicting Edward Scissorhands in dress clothes (via Amazon). I love the soft, sad expression in his eyes.

Here's Edward Scissorhands in his leather and buckles outfit, looking stylish and a bit morbid. Just the way we like him!

Hope you enjoyed your Sneak Peek! Wonder how many of you will end up with some of these under your tree this holiday season?