Preparing Your Gothic Homeschool Classroom for Fall

(Master of Fright Jack Skellington binder, via Hot Topic (affiliate link)

This year, many of us will be homeschooling our babybats, kids and grandkids due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Our schools are going online for virtual learning, and our little gothlings will be learning at home.

We're redesigning our homes to accommodate our little ones' educations: moving furniture, laying in supplies, building study areas, and getting ready for a big change in the way our children learn.

Let's take a look at some of the darker options if you prefer your homeschool classroom or work area space to have a bit of a goth aesthetic.

Set up orderly rows of black student desks and chairs for your children to have a focused place to listen and to study.
For those of you in warmer climates, take your classroom outdoors this fall, setting up black kids Adirondack chairs outside for class lectures and discussions.
This black craft station folds down and might be able to also be used as a writing desk or at least a classroom desk for listening to stories or brief lectures. (It comes in purple too!)

Sitting on hard folding chairs all day isn't the comfiest solution for learning, but in a pinch, this set of black folding chairs and table might be a good solution for people with limited space for a home classroom environment. You could fold everything up and store it away out of the way on weekends when your homeschool is closed. Here's a smaller folding table and chairs set if you have just two children to teach.

You can store your homeschool supplies away safely in a closet in this black cubby storage system.

If you are homeschooling a couple of preschoolers or kindergarteners, here's a small sturdy table and chairs set for your homeschool classroom that's in a really dark wood. I've bought Delta Children furniture before and found it holds up very well.

Tradgoths will find this chalkboard brights bulletin board homeschool calendar too colorful, but if your tastes tend towards perkygoth or ravergoth you might like this.

Trim your homeschool classroom bulletin board with these black and white accents for your border trim. Here's a plain black scalloped bulletin board border too.

Perhaps you prefer this roll of black and white striped bulletin board trim? And here's straight striped border trim if that's easier.

Regular chalkboard markers are quite boring. I'd prefer to spice things up with these metallic chalkboard markers.

Imagine all the things you could create with this black display board - a Timeline of Edgar Allan Poe's life, perhaps; the life cycle of bats; types of spider species; brief history of gothic music, etc.

Store classroom supplies, art materials and papers in this black rolling cart.

If you're creating a cozy reading nook for your child, here's a black recliner I think is really cute! A bit regal looking.

File away papers and assignments in these cute black and white folders.

This roll of black Kraft paper might come in handy for covering tables and bulletin boards, and for spooky craft projects.

Speaking of bulletin boards, sparkle yours up with these removable adhesive black dazzle letters stickers!

For older kids, don't forget to lay in a nice supply of black notebooks. I prefer Five Star by Mead for myself.

This black filler paper will certainly come in handy.

Use metallic brush pens to write on black paper.

Hot Topic sells this handy (and cute) Zero Nightmare Before Christmas pencil holder. 

Print out your autumn homework assignments and handouts on "Halloween Sweets" printer paper for a festive seasonal touch.

Get your gothic home preschool ready for autumn with these cheerful maple leaf cutouts. You might like these pumpkin cut-outs too - they're not jack o'lanterns though.

You might keep these candy corn bulletin board trimmings up long after Halloween is over! I like this black and orange pumpkin trim for bulletin boards too, or this autumn leaves bulletin board trim.

Good luck with your homeschooling this year. I truly applaud and salute you for all the hard work, creativity, perseverance, and patience you'll be exhibiting during this difficult time.